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Best high paying affiliate programs

We all want to find the best high paying affiliate programs to promote which would clearly meet our visitors’ needs. For bloggers, it’s best to promote products that are related to your blog content and which you have experience with. I’m going to assume we all know what affiliate marketing is all about, so there would be no formal introduction. But just in case, check this out. There are some steps you take before joining an affiliate program. In case you want to join another affiliate program, it’s best to search for honest reviews about it.


When settling for an affiliate program

  • Make sure it offers good value to their users. You don’t want to promote things that won’t live up to the expectations of your visitors. When people go for it and they see it doesn’t meet their needs, the possibility of them using it is the same as meeting someone who is throwing money away randomly. So, don’t be like “Mr. no one” who will end up wasting time on the promotion. Another disadvantage is that you will lose the trust of people. They will see you as a gold digger and not someone who wants to help.
  • A product you are aware of and know how to use. In the marketing world, we have come across people who don’t know how to use a product, some are not sure if it works, but they keep on promoting it for their selfish gains. Imagine someone telling you to get something he doesn’t know how to use. I am very sure when you get it and you’re stuck with it, he/she won’t be able to help you. That’s why when I want to go for a product, I always read reviews about it, I watch tutorials and the person offering such tutorials or reviews is whom I’ll feel safe to buy from.
  • check the affiliate payout for a sale, cookie duration, and the program payment methods to see if it suits you. It’s also important to check how responsive their affiliates managers and support are. You will tend to do better if you have good affiliate managers or staff supporting you.

One good thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s a win-win situation for you and the customers. That way we can make passive income from recommending products to people who would need it.

In this article, you will get a simple review about some of the best affiliate programs that are recommended you promote especially when you have a blog.

5 Best affiliate programs you should promote

Here are 5 best affiliate programs to join and make money blogging

  1. Bluehost affiliate program
  2. Grammarly affiliate program
  3. SEMrush affiliate program
  4. Shopify affiliate program
  5. Get response affiliate program
Become an affiliate marketer
Become an affiliate

Bluehost affiliate program:

Today, there are millions of websites on the internet and a lot are being created every single day. A necessity of a website is that it needs web hosting. So, this is where Bluehost comes in. Bluehost is a very popular web hosting platform that is seen by many as one of the best out there. This is something I would highly recommend for new websites. Its hosting plans include shared hosting, VPS hosting, Woo commerce hosting and so much more.

It is also highly recommended by WordPress to its users. So, there is no doubt about it being one of the best. Bluehost affiliate program pays $65 commissions anytime someone buys any hosting plan for their websites. To be honest guys, $65 coming regularly can go a long way. Well, that’s not the only good part of it. The more you keep generating sales a month, the more bonus in commissions.

“so, you might feel yeah this is why almost every blog I visit talks about Bluehost”

Why won’t they recommend it when it pays that high”

Well, the fact is that several people see it as the best and it pays its affiliate well. They offer a wide range of hosting services at a reasonable price starting at around $2.95 per month. So as curious as I was then I would ask myself “If they can pay you normally $65 for a qualified sale undermining the fact that their hosting plan is lower than the commission which they pay

hmm it seems a bit fishy right? Let me clear up the doubts.

Well, firstly, they are not billed monthly for the first time but annually. And some extra stuffs are added to the site hosting plans which would also increase the sum of everything. When I helped someone sign up for the basic plan, I could remember it went up to $59 for the first year.

Secondly, their services are great and there is a higher possibility that their users will be more than satisfied and will keep using it in the subsequent years.

Bluehost now uses impact radius. So, if you are promoting the program already and didn’t get the information, you should switch to impact radius. Your affiliate links won’t be working anymore. So go to impact radius website and sign up there. The approval may be easy as long as you complete the steps and have enough traffic.

Here are some key points about the affiliate program

  • It offers $65 per sign up
  • Free to join
  • Ihave a 90 days cookie duration and it has a good tracking system
  • Pays with PayPal around 45-60 days after reviewing the sale. Bluehost affiliate program pays between the 16th and last day of the money.

Yeah, I know some people like me don’t like the idea of waiting more than a month before receiving payments. Like I need this thing badly and right now. But this is the best thing for the company to do, since some people may later decide to request a refund. This would bring a loss to the company if they had given you the commissions already. Trust me, a lot of people would also want to scam them by fake signups. So, everything is done to suit them and their affiliates. You can promote this along with other affiliate programs. One of the best ways to promote Bluehost affiliate program is to create a blog and make reviews about them. You can also make YouTube videos and courses concerning them and then add your affiliate links. It also has promotional materials like banners to place on your website

2. Grammarly affiliate program:

Another high paying affiliate program you should think of joining is the Grammarly affiliate program. Grammarly is an assistant tool that helps with spelling reviews, detection of grammar errors, punctuation, deliverability concerns and plagiarism checker. They also perform other tasks which would ensure the authenticity of an article. This is a tool that a lot of writers like me use to ensure I make good content. There are a lot of people who would need its services and recommending this to them would also be a win-win situation. You will get paid anytime someone signs up for the free version. There is also a high probability that they would need an upgrade which would also result in a bigger commission.

 About Grammarly affiliate program

  • Grammarly affiliate program is free to join
  • It is a high paying program and the minimum payment is $50
  • It pays on the 20th– 21st of each month and it’s made through check or direct bank transfer.
  • It pays around $20 for an upgrade to the premium version.
  • It pays around $0.20 for a free signup
  • It gives a bonus of $25 to its affiliate upon its approval.
  • You will get 10% affiliate referring commission.
  • It had a 90 days cookie duration.

While the approval process of Grammarly affiliate program may not be easy but it is still worth a try. The method of promoting this program is also similar to the Bluehost affiliate program. You will need to apply the same strategy by writing reviews in blog or making videos or even courses about writing, then add your links on them. Another thing to do is place banners on some pages on your website. You should try applying for the program by searching using the keywords “Grammarly affiliate program” or go to the official website and at the footer of the homepage and find the affiliate signup page link. They use shareasale

 Grammarly affiliate program may claim to respond to you in 2 days, but it may take more than a week in some cases honestly.

3. Semrush affiliate program

Looking for a high paying affiliate program, then semrush affiliate program should be something worth promoting. We don’t need to over emphasize the impact of seo in the marketing and blogging world. As a blogger or marketer, there would be a need for more visibility online. And you can’t do that without taking seo into consideration. This can increase your brand awareness, traffic, which would lead to an increase in sales. When you tend to rank high in search results, it shows you are an authoritative figure or expert in the market niche and would make you trust worthy. SEO has to do mainly with keyword research and other analytics which would make you understand what people are searching for online.

So, there are different tools online that can help you with such analysis. Tools like semrush, ahrefts, google keywords planner, helps marketers work on SEO, ppc, content marketing etc. They can also help you understand and track your competitors if you plan on getting above them. If SEMrush is used effectively, you can perform a wide range of actions with the tool. There would be a need to do a semrush review but that’s for another time.

With all this, you can see the benefits of the tool. Everyone would want to try these out, but the obstacle there would be the price of plans which is considerably high to some of us. But yeah, let’s imagine you only plan on promoting it.

About Semrush affiliate program.

  • $10 For new trials (They offer a free trial)
  • $0.01 For the new signup
  • $200 commission per sales
  • 120 days cookie-period
  • Well dedicated team to help you

Despite its plans price, it converts well as it is a popular online marketing toolkit with several tools to grow any digital business. If you want to promote this effectively, it is best to do it in similar ways with the rest like creating original content, such as online courses, seminars, blog posts, or videos tutorials

Semrush affiliate program is not for everyone since it is a high-ticket product, and the base plan of Semrush costs about $119/month. If you know you struggle with making sales on smaller priced programs, then it would be smarter to avoid this till you know you are capable.

However, if you are an expert with knowledge on seo, internet marketing, and digital marketing and have traffic in whatever platform you use, their affiliate program is a good match for you.

Shopify affiliate program

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that businesses use for building online stores. There are lot of People looking for a way to start an online store for their business. Their designs and templates are eye catching, it’s simple and fast to build a store on shopify.

I heard building online stores with some of their competitors are more complex. Shopify is one of the most recommended places to start your online store with over 1 million active stores on the platform. Their plans are quite affordable. So, this is just a little review about it. Let’s imagine we want to promote something like this, you will have to write reviews on it on your website or make videos about it.

Another good method is by product comparison. Bring in another competitor and make a comparison of both of them with your affiliate links embedded. Also, by blogging on contents on same niche market and then referencing it will help.

Maybe you talk about drop shipping or online marketing a lot, then working with this will be profitable if you have an established audience. If you have good knowledge of marketing, just do a course or an eBook and then promote your products. Shopify also has responsive affiliate managers.

Shopify has an affiliate program on impact radius (affiliate network).

  • $100 per sale
  • Payment threshold is $10
  • They pay with PayPal or transfer to your bank
  • It has a 30-day cookie duration.

Getresponse affiliate program

This was one of my first choices when settling for an affiliate program to promote. I did my research then and I found this a suitable option since the rest of them did not approve me then when I did not have a website. Get response is an email marketing software, it’s regarded as one of the best you will find as it’s easy to use. There’s no doubt that a lot of marketers use this for their email marketing campaigns.

Promoting it will be a good idea because of its high conversion rate. It should be an opportunity to make a lot and diversify your income. One good thing about the program is that they offer affiliate marketing materials like texts ads, banners, videos etc. to make it easy for promotion and conversion. Creating an account and getting approved is easy unlike some of the other affiliate programs that could require you to have a reasonable traffic before approving you. 

Get response has 2 types of affiliate program which are the recurring program and bounty program

 33% recurring commission

$100 for sale which is the bounty program

Choosing could be tempting, but let’s look at the two perspectives, then you will make your choice. The first will offer you $100 a sale for every new successful sign-up. This seems good to some people who don’t really have the patience of waiting for recurring commissions. The second would give you 33% recurring commission for as long as the person still uses it. This is better if you want to build a passive income.

The company verifies the referrals within 30 days after the end of the applicable 60-day period and if referred to the GR account complies with the rules for payment qualification. Payouts will be given around the 15th of the following month.

  • Two affiliate programs which are $100 per sale, 33% recurring commission
  • Get a bonus of up to $135
  • Cookie duration of up to 120 days
  • Payout threshold is $50 through PayPal

The downside of this program is the long period of time you have to wait before you get payment from a sale. It’s usually more than 60 days so that they will be on a safer side after verifying about the sale. No companies want to give money out that easily.

There is a slight difference between an affiliate program and affiliate network.

Difference between affiliate programs and affiliate network.

To my understanding, an affiliate program is created mainly by the merchant. This allows merchants to pay affiliates for their promotion.

An affiliate network is a platform with database of members which allows marketers and various companies or merchant to connect. You would have heard of amazon associates or commission junction or even click bank and shareasale. These are well-established affiliate networks. It’s like a collaboration platform that helps connect both marketers and merchants or companies. I would also advise you to do research on the best affiliate network to join. Although many of them have bad reviews on the internet. They allow scam products to be promoted on their platform. But the problem is the leading affiliate network are very strict on their approval process. They will require you to have an established audience and reasonable traffic. Having a website would help you get easily approved in many affiliate programs or networks. Just learn how to create your blog here.

There are many other affiliate programs out there that are also as good as the ones on this list or even better depending on your niche market. Just do your research on a niche market of your choice, find trending products that are in demand. Find out if they offer affiliate programs. It’s very rare to find one without an affiliate program. You can check by scrolling down to the footer of the company website and find affiliate marketing page.


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