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Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Online Easily.

Sometimes we may feel the urge to learn something new, or something which we can make good use of in the future. You probably think something along the lines of “What are the best skills to learn online?”

It all depends on your choices but you should also want to go for something that’s in high demand.

I personally wanted to learn digital skills which could be of use in the long run. Learning a lot will take time and I felt it would be good if I should pick just a few digital skills which could be helpful.

With that mindset, I was able to learn some skills. I also used them to make some extra income from my freelancing services.

So, it’s important we should spend time to develop or learn new skills as they may later be our source of livelihood. There are several skills online which are in high demand and having knowledge about them could also give you good career opportunities.

Even as a student, you could also be employed to work part-time and also as a freelancer.

In this article, you will get a lot of valuable information about the best skills you can learn online

Computer Programming

computer programmer

This is a highly demanding skill and this is one of my favorites. Well, if this may be new to you or you don’t know what programming is.

Programming is writing a code or instructions, that make up the programs computers which are used to perform tasks or solve problems. 

You don’t need to work for a company before you can get a career with this. When you go over to freelancing sites, most of the freelancers who make the most are people who have experience in this skill. I am presently learning this.

You can buy or pay for courses online or learn for free on some online learning platforms.

Learning programming can also be helpful to you as an employee as it may help you perform special operations well and make you more efficient and enhance your productivity.

Well, it’s not so easy to learn as it may take time for you to understand the different programming languages.

I also wanted to learn it so I could be able to build websites and online stores of my own design. I felt with that knowledge i won’t pay a web designer for it. 

Learning computer programming also has other advantages to the mindset as it boosts creativity and increases your reasoning skills.

You will develop problem solving skills which can be applied in other areas of our daily lives. This is one of the skills you can also learn online at Coursera or Udemy.


Graphic designing
Hands of graphic designer looking at palette

This is another skill that is high in demand and something I can advise people to venture into. There are so many reasons why you should think of this as a skill worth your time to learn.

This is promising and it’s going nowhere even in more years to come.

More and more companies are in demand of this skill and so it’s a promising career prospect. If a business needs to get a good website, the designing is going to be the major thing there. When a website is well designed, it can give the visitors a good impression of it.

This will boost the trust and conversion rates.

If it’s also going to be dealing with marketing and advertising then arty designs are going to be needed. So as more and more startups keep coming in and customers willing to spend money on it, the demand for it keeps increasing.

Another advantage of this is that you can work anywhere in the world. Planning on moving to another place, don’t worry, the software’s are the same here or there.

So, as long as where you are moving to, people will need designs, then you’re good to go. You can also work from home or as a freelancer, giving you more time for yourself.

If you want to learn graphic design or any other form of design, there are several online courses and platforms where you can learn for free of pay for it.

But it is advisable to learn from a one-on-one tutor as this will help save time, making you learn quicker rather than learning on your own. This is one of the skills you can also learn online at Udemy or coursera

Copywriting skills
Close-up shot of student E-learning


If you want to be a skilled copywriter then look into the copywriting skillset once you do there are so many career opportunities you could choose from. Copywriting is used to create compelling texts or contents for marketing and advertisement, or media purposes.

This is a skill that everyone who wants to have a startup should possess. If you want to turn your readers into buyers then you need to learn this. Whether you want to write a compelling sales copy, or you want to make contents that are going to drive engagement, copy writing skill is going to be needed.

Many companies or businesses always hunt for good copywriters. They produce good marketing or advertising content or even product description. So having knowledge of this will not only make you succeed in your personal startups, but you can also make decent money writing as a freelancer to people or companies out there that need it.

Well copy writing is not as hard to learn as you may think. It’s not something you can spend years learning in university. Within a month if you put in extra time to learn it, you will go far.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine market
Digital skills are eye catching

Another skill that is in high demand is search engine optimization or SEO skillset. If you are planning on starting a business or blog, then you will want to learn SEO, to stand out from your competitors and also get found online.

You may have a good-looking website and lots of content and probably products. But they may not be yielding the kind of results that you want, or you hardly get visitors. It is because you are not applying Seo in your contents which will make search engines find it hard noticing your website to bring it out when searches are made in concern with what you do.

There is a lot of money to be made if you understand SEO. It will give you a lot of traffic for your business, which will help with sales. You can also have it in mind to work as a freelancer for people or company who may need the job.  

There are so many online courses out there that will give you a quick grasp of what Seo looks like. You can also find quality courses that will give you full SEO training and a certificate after completion. So, if you are ever in doubt of the worth of this knowledge, then there are thousands of reasons why you should consider learning this.

Whichever skills you will want to learn online, I would recommend you check this blogpost as I have written a list of places you can learn any skill online.


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