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Blogging Niche Ideas, How to Choose a Niche

Before starting a blog, you should have already decided on the niche. If you haven’t then you can find blogging niche ideas from this guide.

The blog niche you choose will determine the success of the blog and if you lack information or knowledge or passion about it, you will not get the results you hoped for, except you hoped not to succeed in blogging. We all wish to succeed by the way so you need to start something you know about. Or you may not have much knowledge, but just like me you have passion and you are willing to go forward and learn more as you go.

It doesn’t have to be blogging, but anything you will want to take a long adventure into. Without passion or something to motivate you, you will be quick to give up If it’s not working out for you at the beginning. You should know that blogging is not something you should try because you believe in quick success. This is not meant to discourage you but to prepare you for the journey.

At the end of this guide, you should have learned

  • What a niche is all about
  • What to consider when choosing a niche 
  • Examples of Blogging niche ideas

What is a Blogging Niche?

A blogging niche could also be called a category in which bloggers post their content around. It is advised to focus on one niche and not mix things unless they are related. For example, it’s not advised to blog on religious content and then go into politics. But you can write articles on health and also on food. Or it could be financed and make money online. They do have some similarities by the way.

What to consider when finding blogging niche ideas

Finding blogging niche ideas
  • When choosing a blogging niche find the one you have an interest in that is you have passion for it may be one of your hobbies or experience
  • You should also consider the competition and try as much to avoid high competitiveness because lots of other webmasters also are creating a website in that same niche. You could also go to the sub-niches inside the niche.
  • Find relevant niches. They should also be relevant in the future.

Examples of blogging niche ideas

Here is a list of popular blogging niches to choose from.

  • Health and fitness
  • Food and recipes
  • Personal finance
  • Fashion blogs
  • Business

Health and fitness niche

This health and fitness niche is one of the most popular blogging niches which is lucrative and there are tons of other popular blogs out there. There’s a lot of competition in this niche so you may have to spend time before getting into the spotlight, but if you don’t mind, do your SEO and have patience and stay consistent. You can also skip the stress and time by finding a sub-niche that will not be too competitive. There are several sub-niches here and you could start a good business here too.  

You can blog about weight loss, telling people how they can lose weight. Lose weight niche is one of the biggest. There is a need to lose weight and people are trying hard to keep fit and stay healthy. This 80-billion-dollar industry is growing year by year. It includes weight-loss coaches, weight loss supplements, and all those ingredients that are helpful to losing weight. Here, fitness and yoga can come in. Yoga coaches and weight-loss experts. You can still own a blog and share your progress, build a following and grow your business.

You Can also blog about some healthy diets like the keto, paleo diets, and Mediterranean diets. Tons of audiences would want to check out what you have to say. You should build a strong relationship with them so they can come back to check your recent post. The good thing is that you can also make money from affiliate marketing here.

You can promote courses, weight loss, programs, eBooks, anti-aging products, and other health products. This is a big niche to get into. 

Food and recipes niche

This has some similarities with the health niche but there are also some differences. Blogging about food and recipes is also very lucrative and lots of people go to the internet in search of some recipes or meals. You have a wide variety of things to talk about as long as they are all related to food. A blog in this niche should also consist of a lot of pictures. That too is attractive as people love seeing pictures of popular cuisines around the world. This is not a niche to venture into if you don’t know foods or are not interested in them.

Personal finance.

The personal finance niche is another popular niche you can venture into. There’s a wide variety of things to talk about and lots of audiences are there waiting to see your content. 

You can write about investment, budgeting, debt paying off, and money-saving tips. Once in a while, I try to make my content around this. 

You could also be a financial advisor and share your tips and progress with others. 

Fashion blog

This is most common among women bloggers, but men also are into this niche. It focuses more on trends related to fashion news. Some bloggers have become so influential and also post a lot of pictures of themselves. But you may not like it, maybe you prefer it anonymously. You could still share trending news on fashion with your audience.

Make money online niche

It is still another popular niche you can venture into. It’s the most profitable niche in my opinion because it’s very easy to make tons of cash in. If you check around the contents in this blog, you will find out that the contents are around this niche. But there is a lot of competition here since it’s heavily crowded by lots of bloggers looking to tap from the evergreen niche. It is also difficult to build authority in this niche. But with time and dedication, you will get the results you want. There are also tons of sub-niches you can talk about in your blog.

Some of the topics could be about;

  • Affiliate marketing: This is a form of digital marketing where you promote other people’s products and get commissions from them. You can blog to teach people about affiliate marketing, how to get traffic, and the best network to join. The good thing is that you can also promote your link to your readers.
  • Drop shipping: This is a business model that allows you to run a store without even holding any inventory. Here when you make a sale your supplier ship the product straight to the customers from their warehouse. So, you don’t need to worry about the packaging, the storing, and the shipping of the products to the customer. It has some similarities with affiliate marketing. You can start a blog post about drop shipping tips and then educate your audience about the business. 
  • Blogging: There are lots of people out there who want to start a blog. They go over to search engines and do research on how to start a blog. You can get a portion of this traffic. Make content about blogging, make sure to cover it all. If you don’t know about it, go and do some research. You need to know something before you can teach it out. Also, learn about SEO and make content on it. Your audience will keep coming to your content if it fills their curiosity.
  • YouTube: Just as many people want to start a blog so many people want to start their YouTube channel. They may have already started but they are stuck getting the traffic they need. So, they would come out to find tips on the internet. You could blog about how to get started, how to build good thumbnails, and how to get massive traffic. Seo too is important and whatever you are teaching people, make sure you have quality knowledge on it. Otherwise, you may lose your credibility.

You don’t need to be so focused on a particular topic. You can blog on ways to make passive income. Here there are so many categories and you’ll hardly run out of blog content if you do it well. You can make articles about drop shipping, how to start their store, and best products, and suppliers, you can make articles about digital marketing, and how to create and sell digital products. Some can write articles about blogging, how to start a blog and SEO, and you can write articles about affiliate marketing and several online businesses. You can write articles about extra ways to make money online like selling their stock photos online, surveys, and offers to make money from they can go make money you can show them the website on ways to make money. You could also do a review on different new earning websites.

Some other blogging niche ideas you can venture into include;

  • Personal development
  • Technology niche
  • Pets niche
  • Relationship niche

Final words

Whichever niche you may choose, ensure it’s the right decision. Ask yourself questions like “I’m I going to be blogging about this for a long time”. If you feel like you can do it and have a passion for it, then it’s a good choice for you. Making money online niche is preferable for me as it’s the most profitable niche on the internet for bloggers. Always know that it’s always about the market first and then the products second. If you have finally decided on your niche choice, and want to make a blog then read this


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