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How can I monetize my website?

There are several ways you could monetize your website and make money online from it. I would suggest you choose the suitable one, and it is best if you use more than one method. It could be with affiliate marketing, selling of online courses, membership sites, or perhaps the popular ads network like google ads.

You can apply different methods simultaneously to increase your income from your websites. Many people have the belief that AdSense is the best way to monetize your website, but it may just be false. With some methods here, you could monetize your website without AdSense

Ways to monetize a website

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Ads networks like (google ads, adsterra, media.net, etc.)
  3. Acceptance of sponsored post
  4. Selling ad space
  5. Sales of online courses or other digital products
  6. Paid membership websites
  7. You can set up a donation button

Ok so now that you have seen the ways, I will run a brief description on them all so you can have an idea about it.

1. Affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite means of monetizing my website, although, for some reason, I hardly use it right now. It’s one of the ways to monetize your website without AdSense Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products and services and receiving commissions from them even if it’s not your product, probably a company or another person’s own.

The aim is to make your visitors buy the products or perform some actions. There are many platforms out there you can join if you want to make a decent income from your blog. But you have to learn how to do it well and not make your visitors angered by the ton of links in your post. You should offer value first before getting your links out.

If you are running a technology niche or a niche that’s related to “making money online” you can find tons of digital affiliate products to promote. For the health niche and other related niches, you will also find digital products but physical in most cases.

Affiliate networks like Clickbank, ShareASale, Rakuten, flex offers, amazon affiliates, etc do have tons of products you could choose from depending on the niche. I won’t talk more about this since I already have a post about it. Apart from the networks, several companies also do have their affiliate programs which you can go and find on their websites.

I have worked for Bluehost and WordPress and it was great. If you run a similar niche to mine and can teach people about blogging, then you should sign up for website builders affiliate programs and also hosting services. Also, you would need email marketing programs and keyword research tools. They will fit in and it will be very helpful to you and your readers. You can also make a review about the products and can try “launch jacking”.

2. Ads network

Word BLOG made from dollar banknotes on white background

This is the most popular method of monetizing websites. If you are looking for a passive source of income, then this is for you. As long as you keep getting traffic then you can watch your income grow daily. When you find a preferable ads network like AdSense, you have to apply and it is easy to get accepted though. But if the website lacks content or has poor page navigation, you would find it hard to get approved from some top ad network like AdSense. Although there are still many networks to monetize your website without AdSense which won’t be so strict for approval. So, you should do some work on it first and don’t think you can be accepted straight from there. The popular ways ads network pay is based on

  • CPC- which is the cost per click
  • CPM- means cost per thousand impressions

So, you will get paid when someone clicks ads on your sites or views them.  Some popular ad networks are Google AdSense Media. Net, Ezoic, InfoLink’s etc.

3. Sponsored post

If looking for a way to monetize your website without AdSense then this is another great alternative. There are tons of business people out there that may want to pay you to get their post on your website. If you are familiar with blogging groups on Facebook, you’ll discover several bloggers also charge their fellow bloggers some amount of money to get some backlinks from their website. Although I’m not a fan of this idea because paying for backlinks is not good in the eyes of google. You could charge a lot for sponsored posts if you have a well-established website and already getting huge traffic. There are some websites to join where you could be linked with those business people. You could meet brands directly or they could come to you at the request of promotion of their business. You can simply write a review post on it.

3.  Selling ad space

After your efforts on the blog and then you begin to get some results, you can try selling ad space on your website directly to brands or through some platforms. Your website will have to meet some criteria before it could be eligible. It should have a good design and be easy to navigate to give your visitors a great user experience. You should have a huge amount of traffic and quality content as this should be the main thing publishers would consider. Another condition is that your website should be engaging and your visitors should be loyal. Many brands would love to pay much for a website whose visitors keep coming back for more content.

4. Sales of online courses or own digital products

Another way to monetize your website without AdSense is by selling your online course or digital products which you created. You will find this as a must option in several blogs. When you have created your course and sales page, it will be of great advantage to promote it on your website as you won’t need to pay for a form of advertising.

If you have built yourself as an authority on your website, then your followers and visitors would also trust you enough to buy your course since they may see you as an expert. Instead of using some platforms like Udemy for your course, it would be best to do that on your website as you won’t have to split your profits with them. Another advantage is that you could also apply email marketing as you get to collect their emails for future advertising. You can also sell your eBooks or other digital products you create on your website.

5. Paid membership websites

You can also set up a paid membership website where members pay to be part of it for a particular time. This is not so popular but there are many sites out there that offer this. It’s best done when you know what the subscriber would gain would be of great significance to him. Before starting you are to consider

  • The type of membership website
  • What you have to offer to your members
  • The kind of package and price.

If you have finally decided on this, then you have to find a good plugin for it. There are several plugins you can find online for membership sites like member-mouse or member-press. Just find the one you like and publish it.

6. Setting up a donation button

This is a rare option to monetize your website without AdSense, but I have found some websites that do use this as an option for generating some extra income. A donation button is a clickable button that will take you to a donation page. Of course, you won’t get everyone donating, but you could get some traction of people to donate which could help keep your website running. But only a few people would want to give out money for nothing. So, make sure to post engaging content and informative content regularly. You can put the button anywhere on your site, design it well and then add a call for action.


There are still other ways to monetize your websites that are not listed here. So, if you have any ideas, you can share them in the comment sections. But there is no problem with the list here as they are the major ways most bloggers monetize websites.

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No AdSense, you could still monetize your website with AdSense even if you don’t have enough traffic. But one thing you should focus on is improving your website’s traffic as more traffic means more revenue


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