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Money-Making Apps That Actually Pay Out

Everyone likes free money; I know I do. These money-making apps won’t make you rich, but they will give you a few extra for coffee or some other personal treat. The most I have been able to make in one week using all three of these money-making apps, was twenty euros.

I did that by using all these programs on multiple devices, being a phone, and a tablet. It is easy money that you earn. With the exception of certain games requiring you to meet a milestone in them before you are awarded points that go towards your ability to cash out of the money-making apps. But depending on where you are, money-making apps may be worth it. If you have done surveys before, you would understand that some countries are paid more than others. But whenever you find yourselves in this kind of situation, then i would suggest that it’s best to use a VPN.

Out of All the Money-Making Apps That I Tried Out These Ones Are the Best

Mist Play – In this app you download and play games to earn points. This is so you can redeem them for real cash or amazon gift card. Their layout is super easy, very intuitive. Points are extremely easy to get. You can run a game and put your phone down if you really do not want to play a certain game, I would be lying if I said I didn’t do that a time or two.

Current – With this money-making app you either play games, do surveys, watch videos or listen to music. They even give you points for charging. This app took me a week to earn $10.00 in an amazon gift card. It was for Amazon.com and not another country’s variation like Amazon.de. The app does boast you can make up to $600.00 a year, that might just be an exaggeration.

Clickworker – This one is only good if you live in the USA or Germany. You do tasks that AI cannot do and make a small amount of money per task. It is like Amazons Mechanical Turk jobs. You make around .10 euro per job. Sure, it adds up over time, but most jobs require assessment tests before you qualify to do them. This is good for coffee money when you have spare time.

A study observed 3.8m tasks that had been completed by 2,676 workers on Mechanical Turk and found that average earnings through the platform amounted to $2.00 per hour. Only 4% of all workers earned more than the USA federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour. If you enjoy menial tasks that result in pay, I do suggest looking into Mechanical Turk jobs.

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What Is Mechanical Turk and How Does It Work?

Created by Amazon, Mechanical Turk allows individuals to earn money by completing small tasks known as HITs which stands for Human Intelligence Tasks. Amazon named Mechanical Turk after a chess-playing machine in the 1800s that concealed a living chess master.

A study of Turkers in the U.S. stipulates that Mechanical Turk has become a place for the youth of the educated that are really just looking to supplement other income streams. This is even though the pay is not the greatest. Mechanical Turk is certainly not a get rich quick job.

More Money-Making Apps

There are other apps like UserTesting and Toloka, but they are not as easy to access or as available as these apps are.

UserTesting is amazing if you qualify, you can reapply a couple of times so do not worry if your first application is not accepted. They pay out $4.00 to $10.00 per voiced survey and $60.00 for an hour-long recorded video session with a client. They also have tests that can make over $100.00 but those are rare and scheduled ahead of time.

It is an exact seven-day waiting period after a test for payment to be rendered. I have verified this recently so if you are wondering if UserTesting is legit, you can trust that it is. I went through the entire process myself first before suggesting it to you. Payment from UserTesting is punctual and is done through your PayPal account.

Toloka is much like ClickWorker it works off the same principles. It does have a minimum for earning until you can cash out your earnings. Jobs in Toloka overlap with ClickWorker jobs so you can find yourself doing the same job over again.

There are two other money-making apps that are not so great but you can still earn a bit of money and they are Cash’em All and Money Well. I found that in both apps there is a lack of game choices as they are much like the other apps I mentioned above. While I did manage to get the lowest tier payout in both, It really was only a couple of dollars.

Assuming you want to make so much more money, there are some sites like Upwork and fiverr, where you can work as a freelancer and earn a lot if you have some digital skills. Here are some recommended skills you should try to learn


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