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My first Blogpost

First blogpost
First blog post

Hello everyone, I’m the author of this blog and i would like to give a fair introduction of myself and things i can offer you.

My name is kelvin and i am from Africa, 20 years of age, a technophile and have other interest in marketing. What this blog is going to be majorly about is

  1. Technology news
  2. Marketing tips and products
  3. Software and gadgets
  4. Business and entrepreneurship tips

I will humble love to engage with you all and then get to share advice together in order to help us grow. I believe with your support and mine, things can improve in our knowledge and skill and i would love a fully participant. I have been in this journey for a long time and have had a lot of Down’s and few Up’s, but hopefully things are changing due to the fact that connection is really a vital thing in life, and with that, we can get help from an unexpected way. So its regarded of you to try connecting with different people to know more from them and get the help that would necessary be a roller coaster to turn things around. If you got any advice please let me know, and if you got some tips to share, please let me know either. We are all here to grow and with that we need a good connection.

Without taking much of your time, Just take my advice and use it well. Follow the blog updates and keep in touch. You can also share your marketing tips and get help.

Thanks for reading, im just in the journey and have a lot of high hopes in this.


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