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Tools for Blogging

Want to blog efficiently, and see results fast? Here are some of the tools for blogging that I use which could help you achieve your goals with your efforts.

Starting a Blog

Starting a blog

Starting a blog with wordpress.org (this is to me the best and most popular website management platform with lots of integrations. It’s an open-source platform so you would only need to think about the hosting. I would suggest trying Bluehost as the hosting service.

Grammar checker

Grammarly. To me, this is the best writing guidance. This is an app or extension for your browser that helps check your grammar, spelling errors, and plagiarism. This is one of the tools for blogging you should make use of, in order to write effectively and accurately.

Plagiarism checker tool

Duplichecker is another tool for blogging for your plagiarism checker. You don’t want to post contents that are high in plagiarism, so you should definitely check it before posting it. This is an important tool for blogging. You can find other alternatives to Dupli checker that works great. Grammarly is also good for detecting plagiarism in contents. But if you can’t afford the premium plan then it would be better to use any of the free plagiarism checkers online. They may have some limitations too, but as long as you are not writing much content, you can find your way out. I’m not going to be teaching you “Common sense” but how i usually do mine especially if I have written about 3000 words content and the words limit for a plagiarism check in a free version is about 1000 words. I simply scanned 1000 words 3 times since there is no search limit. But you won’t be able to get enough info with the free version. But if you can afford it, oh well whatever, never mind.

For free images

Pixaby or iStock for royalty-free images, videos, or songs. It’s under pixaby license and can be used for any purpose. You can also check Shutterstock, Flickr or unsplash.

Designing tool

Canva could be of good use since its simple to use. But if you are good at Corel draw and adobe illustrator, they are helpful too. But Canva is a good tool for blogging because of its simple drag and drop tool. It also has already made templates for your designs.

Seo tools

All in one Seo tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs

Long keywords research tool like answer the public and longtail Pro

Analysis tools like Google analytics and Google AdWords planner.

If you want to do some keyword research to help with your ranking. You would need this tool for blogging effectively. You won’t want to write contents that won’t rank or show up in search results. The goal is for us to get organic traffic, without using the right keywords, we are not going to get the results we need.

  • Tools for trending topics
  • Google trends
  • Exploding topics
  • Buzzsumo
  • Feedly

You can check marketing tools here if you are interested


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