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What Are The Best Places to Learn New Skills Online in 2022

Best place to learn online 2022
Learning online

Looking for the best places to learn new skills online, but you don’t have the time or money to spend for a degree or time to go out there and find the knowledge or you feel more comfortable at home, then worry no more because here are the list of websites you can go out there to get yourself a skill for a good career. I compiled a list of the best places to learn new skills online. Most of the sites are for people who want to learn to code online. Even if you want to improve your knowledge, they are still good to try

I can remember some years back when I always learn new things from YouTube but trust me it was fun, I would go search for videos there and learn stuff. The stuff I learned from there was the cooking aspects and home decor aspects.

And later I needed to learn about computer programming and that is where I made use of Codecademy, and w3 schools. They have the best courses for coding for beginners.
I wanted a degree and that was where I discovered the university of the people. I could not complete it as I was also in college here and had stress coping and balancing them. It was fun, and I got to meet a decent amount of other people.

But I wanted more as I later found out that I could get certificates to learn some skills. I love that and found out that they are shorter than a college semester, you could learn them anywhere unlike your college, and also choose your time. But this can be a problem for those that are not persistent.

Best Websites to Learn New Skills Online

1.       Udemy

2.       Alison

3.       Youtube

4.       Khan academy

5.       Coursera

6.       Udacity

7.       LinkedIn learning

8.       Masterclass

9.       Skill share

10.   Codecedmy


Learn online with udemy

You would have heard about Udemy but still have not checked it out yet, Udemy is one of the biggest and most popular e-learning websites and has a lot of varieties of courses. Here you can learn to code online. There are several programming courses like JavaScript, Php, java, HTML, python, etc. The courses are suitable for coding for beginners. You may be wondering if this is good for you but check this out if you are a professional looking to gain more knowledge in your skill, then this is God for you, if you want to learn afresh then its good, it’s good for students looking to balance their studies.

Well, most of the courses there are not free as there is quite a range of prices, some are free, some are very cheap and some are very expensive. But the more valuable and longer a course is, the more the cost. But the prices are affordable. The courses in Udemy are a one-off payment when you purchase a course, and you are given lifetime access, so even when you complete a course, you can go back to the course as many times as you wish

Udemy courses have a wide range of languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, Indonesian, and Thai. You can set or change the language of your course and Udemy account in the settings there. The instructors manage each course.

Courses you can read there may include business courses, programming courses, languages, health and fitness, and music.

Here if you are on the free course, you won’t have a certificate upon completion of the course. But the free course is also worth it. If you are interested in programming, you can find a complete guide course for coding for beginners

2. Alison

learn online with Alison

This is another good platform to learn things online. Here, there are mainly 9 varieties of courses sales and marketing, business, information technology, personal development, health, etc.

It’s an Irish-based platform but has different languages like English, French, Spanish, Irish, etc.

Most of the courses are free but there can still be somewhere you must pay. Check the website

3. YouTube

Learn online with youtube

YouTube is one of the most popular websites and no doubt it is the second most powerful search engine. Lots of people watch videos here and lots of people post theirs too.

In recent research, results were taken that hundreds of hours of videos are posted every second. Most of the videos posted here are also tutorials.

Video is a fantastic way to show lessons that are not easily explained in text form. And many people like me will prefer learning something from videos to actual texts.

But note that you cannot get certificates or learn a job skill here, but you can learn our everyday life activities here like learning to cook, home designs, playing video games, informative videos, research work, etc.

4. Khan academy

Learn online with Khan academy

This is one of the best places to learn programming skills online. The good thing is that if you cant afford the fees like the rest, you can learn here for free. If you love coding like me, or if you just want to learn coding online then get started here. It has a lot of courses for coding for beginners.

5. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most prestigious online learning platforms. I do not know if you feel like why it in number 5 is. But just know I am not rating them. If I had been rating them, I would have placed them in the number 1 or 2. But just see what I must pass on in this brief review. Coursera has a wide variety of courses such as Data Sciences, Business, Computer science, Personal development, information technology, language learning, health, math and logic, social sciences, physical sciences and engineering, and Arts and Humanities.

One good thing about Coursera is that it’s partnered with over 200 universities and organizations making it highly reputable.

The courses and degrees there are affordable and there are a lot of free courses there too but no certificate upon completion

Coursera has over 2000 free courses but you do not receive certificates for this, but you can upgrade if you like.

You can learn it offline as you can download each course’s material and learn anywhere you want to. Their courses are of good quality since they are taught by top experts from world-class universities and organizations who have elevated levels of experience. The courses there are flexible and are job-relevant, which are recognized by employers.

There are some prices, and it varies for the professional certificate which gets students ready for a job upon completion and gives them career credential costs for about $39 which is the starting price and the duration for it is about 1-6 months to complete. There is also financial aid and a 7-day free trial for this. This makes it one of the best places to learn new skills online.

The master Track certificates start at around $2000 and this takes longer than the professional certificates as they last for about 4-7 months. It aims to give a certificate for a degree.

The Coursera bachelor’s is more like a university as its duration lasts for about 2-4 years to complete and this one is higher than as it cost about $9000

There are still some types of courses, and you could go check them on their website.

6. Udacity

Learn online with udacity

This is another good e-learning platform online that teaches specific job-focused skills that can help advance your career or gives you fresh experience for a new career. Why this is not highly recommended is because the price is higher than the rest, especially when the course you are learning takes about 3 to 4 months.  But there are still some free courses and if you want to try Udacity first, then just try the free courses to know how it works before enrolling in a course. The 3- or 4-month course costs around $1,017 or $1,356, respectively. So, breaking it down monthly, its cost is $339

After going through the course, you will not only learn a new skill but also sample projects to show your work.

Here they focus on Nanodegrees which are designed to give practical and real-world knowledge and experience to people who are looking for advancement in their careers or who want to start a new one.

Udacity offers more than 60 courses. Some of these may include

  •       Artificial intelligence
  •       Data science
  •       Autonomous systems
  •      Programming and development
  •      Business
  •      Cloud computing

7. LinkedIn learning

Learn online with linkedln learning

LinkedIn purchased this e-learning platform in 2015 as it was formally Lynda.com which was known to be an online learning site where anyone could pay just a subscription fee for learning new skills. Here people go to learn software skills and graphic design mostly. But today LinkedIn learning is majorly concerned with business courses.

Here the subscription fee is of two options. You can pay $29.99 per month or $239.88 annually. The second option is to pay for a LinkedIn premium account and the plan starts at $39.99 per month. And this premium account also comes with other benefits. LinkedIn Learning is also available to you If you have a LinkedIn premium subscription. No free courses here too, unlike our previous listings.

8. Masterclass


Hey, have you seen a Facebook ad where some celebrities ask to take their teaching lessons in masterclass? I guess you have, and I see it a lot but have not used this. Master class is a popular online learning service where top talents and professionals in many fields, with the use of video tutorials and demonstrations, teach us skills that we want to learn or make advancements on.

This sounds amazing, right? I love music and just imagine seeing Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera as my instructor. How amazing is that? Or you love music production, especially electronic music or DJ, and then Deadmau5 is my instructor. I still haven’t tried this out, but I think I will in a fleeting time. Like LinkedIn learning, there are still no free courses. But it’s quite affordable. I tried going for this when I saw $15 a month and it was more like clickbait because it’s $15 a month, but you are going to pay a yearly plan making it $180

There are 3 plans.

·       Standard all-access which is $180 per year. Here you can watch a whole a catalog of contents any time on any device, you cannot download lessons to watch online, and you cannot stream on multiple devices at the same time, which means you can’t give people your logins to watch the same class with you at the same time.

·       The second plan Is the plus which is $240 a year. And in this plan, you can stream on 2 devices at the same time.

·       The third is the premium which costs $276 per year. And here, you can stream on up to 6 devices at the same time.

The quality is masterclass lessons are great, with good video and audio quality, some videos do come with a pdf to summarize what is taught so you can keep on following. It has fewer courses than the rest as there are eleven categories of courses here.

  •   Writing
  •   Business
  •   Food
  •   Sports and games
  •   Designing
  •   Health and wellness
  •   Science and technology
  •   Arts and entertainment
  •   Music
  •   Home and lifestyle
  •   Community and Government

9. Skillshare

skillshare learning platform

Skillshare is one of the best places to learn new skills online and it’s what I highly recommend. Here you can learn a lot of skills by watching videos of lectures. It focuses on some work skills, some videos on how to cook, and especially online business.

There is a free version, but you can only watch the intro video of any class, it only gives you access to a small selection of some video classes and the related contents like the pdf workbook and the community discussion. Ridiculously hard to determine which classes are free and you are locked out of most of the classes.

10. Codecademy.

Learning online with codecademy

Well, if you want to learn to how to code online, then this is one of the best places to learn new skills online. Here there are many free coding courses beginners. There are lots of exercises like building real websites from scratch.  They also have active forums for each class. You will also find many YouTube video lessons. It offers courses to make learning to code online and designing websites fun and simple. Even for cybersecurity, you will still see some courses here. You can learn some programming languages like JavaScript, Python, etc.

It also offers a paid Pro plan for about $39.99 per month or $19.99 with an annual subscription and this includes some additional courses, a customized learning plan, real-world projects, regular quizzes, unlimited code practicing on your mobile, and enhance community resources. They also have an app for mobile phones in play store and Appstore (Codecademy Go).

And with this comes the end of the list. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me hear your comments below if you have any suggestions

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